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Wereldcafé.coop is a cooperative and works with associates, permanent staff and volunteers, a committed, diverse and extensive team!

As a volunteer, you can ...

  • help behind the bar and in the lounge

  • give a hand in the kitchen or make the most delicious desserts

  • do the weekly shopping and pick up orders

  • be part of the cleaning team or responsible for repairs and maintenance

  • engage in events and activities

  • take care of the flowers and plants in the café and on the terrace

  • take pictures and edit movies

  • come up with creative ideas

  • will share your specific expertise such as communications, accounting, IT ...

  • you represent World Café in forums and initiatives concerning global education and sustainable development

  • are a candidate board member


       Do you want to join ... do not wait to contact us!



As a cooperative, you are part of a growing movement of producers and consumers working for fair trade and social economy, for more justice and connectedness.

You become a cooperative by buying one or more shares worth 100 euros. Despite Wereldcafé.coop's prudent investment policy and careful management, subscribing to shares is not without risk. does not raise more than €10,000 per year and you can subscribe to a maximum of 50 shares, therefore our cooperative is not subject to the prospectus requirement.


The procedure is simple:

  • You transfer €100 - or a multiple - to account BE85 0682 4091 6806 of Wereldcafé.coop.

  • You send us an e-mail ( stating your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address at which you wish to be contacted.

  • You will be entered in the register of shares and receive a copy of this via mail. 

  •  At the annual general meeting, you have a say in the running of the café

       Feel like becoming a shareholder ... don't hesitate to contact us.

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