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(please switch to the Dutch language for our agenda)



The World Café team is creative and dynamic, but also stands for autonomy and resilience and above all, wants to do justice to others. That is why we offer you the space to organise something yourself ...


  • World Sunday ... a Sunday organised by your organization, academic year or class, family or circle of friends. A Sunday on which you can invite others to come and enjoy surprising worldly dishes, at a fair price and in solidarity with a good cause.

  • Chapeau Concert ... once a month a pleasant live music evening. Local, exotic, meditative or compelling ... The musicians receive the proceeds of a round with the big hat. Are you also looking for a stage ... do not hesitate.

  • You can also come to us for language workshops, lectures, film screenings, debate evenings, repair cafes and all kinds of workshops.

  • If you would like to come up with a proposal yourself, then we would be happy to listen to your suggestion.

  • At the end of August, Leuven has its car-free Sunday and we organise the Feest op het Plein. World Café provides the necessary ingredients: tasty worldly food, street and finger Food, fair and fresh drinks, music and dance ... you don't want to miss it!

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