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Tasty, healthy and worldly cuisine, familiar or surprising, seasonal and short-chain, vegetarian, meat and fish... something for everyone!

We complement the regular offer with worldly suggestions, borderless spotted and tasted, street and finger food, recognizable and surprising.

Our drinks - hot or cold - are fair trade, regional and unique, traditionally or organically prepared and brewed. Our choice is extensive and diverse, bought and drunk for a good cause. A drink to suit everyone's taste!

We alternately put a number of guest drinks in the spotlight.



Reservations …


Whether you come alone or with a few friends ... always welcome! Look for a place in the café or on the terrace.


If you are 5 or more, we recommend to make a reservation, so we can ensure a good and smooth service.


If you come with more than 10 people, it is also advisable to make a reservation. If you are eating together, we ask you to limit your choice to maximum 3 different dishes.


If you come with more than 20 people, then making a reservation is a must, and together we will discuss a customised offer.


If you want to reserve the meeting room or the entire café, please look in the agenda at room rental and contact us.

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