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"Discover yourself, start with the world"

No doubt you have already seen this slogan on one of the many vans of KU Leuven.

Start with the world ... where better to do that than in the World Café ... a place and a square where it is great to hang out, also for students. Over a glass of beer, with a tasty glass of wine, with or without a snack, meeting and getting to know each other, philosophising and discussing, discovering and changing the world, turning dreams and ideals into concrete plans.

Start in Leuven ... Leuven has 169 nationalities, KU Leuven more than 8.500 international students. Show them the way to the Helleputte Square.

Start in World Café ... there are still cosy bars behind the Oude Markt and a wide range of honest and delicious drinks, with and without alcohol, hot and cold, well-known and surprising. Customised for every student and more ... students and professors, discovering together!

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