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Fair trade

Without exception, we want to make a modest but real contribution to the realisation of fair trade relations and working conditions worldwide. Fair trade products and sustainability are essential elements of our purchasing policy and our way of working.


Products from the social economy and from sustainable local players with attention to the short chain, organic and small-scale production are preferably purchased.


We believe in social entrepreneurship, whereby possible profits are reinvested in our own operations or in social projects, here and in the South.


We make World Café available to other initiatives and organizations, such as on the World Sundays, when you can come and enjoy surprising worldly dishes, at a fair price and in solidarity with the good cause. The income from the tips jar also goes to a social project - chosen annually.



We love our planet, choose a sustainable, healthy and safe future and consistently opt for a small footprint. Our priority is therefore to purchase ecologically friendly products, ingredients and materials.

Solidary fellow travellers

  • Through Alterfin, we are committed to microfinance in the South

  • We are cooperative and buy our energy from Ecopower

  • Since 2013, we have been members of Leuven 2030

  • We are loyal partners of the World Festival Leuven

  • Every week, members of Amnesty International meet in World Café to free citizens wherever they are in the world

  • Africa Film Festival has been our guest for several years

  • We support Hart Boven Hard Leuven

  • The Province of Flemish Brabant gives us an annual financial boost.


Join us!

We are open to ideas, suggestions and cooperation with even more associations and organizations, with anyone who wants to join in solidarity.

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